Walking Sticks

Diamond willow walking sticks! They come from the Lake Nipegon area, harvested this past winter in Ontario by “Gus” trekking into some frozen beaver habitat wetlands, on snow shoes, into the wilderness, followed by wolves, 20 below. Later shipped to Sooke via Canada Post! This strong hardy willow has diamond shaped patterns rich in colour. The diamonds are created by a certain fungus that affects the willow as it grows. A most attractive willow stick, light weight, perfect for walking/hiking sticks. Perfect gift too for that special friend who loves to hike and walk the family dog! I will have a number of these sticks available for purchasers this autumn and Christmas sales.

Finished with natural oils, to highlight contrast between the heartwood diamond willow pattern , and pale creamy coloured sap wood.

Interested? Some of these pieces are displayed at the Barking Dog Studio in Sooke, or you can contact me directly by phone or email.

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