Unfinished Wood Art

by Phoebe Dunbar | February 5, 2021

I love to photograph recently-sanded but not-yet-oiled bowls on my carving bench.  They cast a different type of patina, texture and resonate a different soft-focus light.


This February, my carving bench and surrounding work benches have a number of unfinished pieces on the go. It’s so inspiring what is possible to finish down there even though life seems to have a lot of minor interruption these days!

One pleasant surprise showed up the other day, a gift from a Sooke friend who brought me a present from his last hunting trip up near Kamloops. He stumbled across this pine tree lying on the ground with 2 burls on the trunk both circumnavigating the whole trunk.  Not sure yet how I will use this piece, the pale colour and lack of an outstanding grain pattern indicates this is a pine tree… with a most unusual trunk with 2 good looking burl shapes – twins?

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