The Return of the Salmon

by Phoebe Dunbar | September 27, 2019

September’s end is drawing near! With recent rain showers and the equinox earlier in the week more time is being spent down in the carving shed. Commissions and a craft show in November are keeping me busy. I love searching through the shed’s wood supply to pull out different shapes and species of found wood. I stash them on my carving tables… the pondering and rough sculpting begins. In the beginning, it’s never clear what the piece might become… until the carving tools come into play… and the wood reveals its limitations, and hidden beauty.



I am doing a number of different carvings, enjoying the functional vessels as well as the abstract and decorative. I still love to carve fish this time of year to celebrate the return of the salmon to Sooke river. Many recent afternoons we take time out to see the fish school, go into holding patterns, and jump leaving their beautiful rippled circles behind.


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