The Carving Shed

Welcome to my "Carving Shed". This is where I write about my process, from sourcing the wood to creating my art to finding a loving home for my creations.

finding wood to take home

Sourcing and Seasoning the Carving Woods

By Phoebe Dunbar | February 22, 2021

An activity some of our local wood workers love to take part in: Recent fall clean ups and serious pruning…

birds with forged beaks

Showcasing, Gifting and Selling my Wood Art

By Phoebe Dunbar | February 15, 2021

It’s been some time, so here’s an update featuring many of the items I’ve created over the winter. During the…

unfinished wood bowls

Unfinished Wood Art

By Phoebe Dunbar | February 5, 2021

I love to photograph recently-sanded but not-yet-oiled bowls on my carving bench.  They cast a different type of patina, texture…

diamond willow walking sticks out for a walk

Diamonds in the Rough

By Phoebe Dunbar | January 22, 2021

Prelude When I first started to carve around 2005 and 2006, undergoing some timeout from knee replacements, I carved in…

Phoebewood walking sticks, red cedar bowl and house signs

Walking Sticks & House Signs

By Phoebe Dunbar | August 15, 2020

Its still Covid time out here on the west coast. This means times are still slow for Phoebewood this summer.…

Yellow cedar charcuterie boards

Enjoy home-cooking – with beautiful charcuterie boards & spoons

By Phoebe Dunbar | March 24, 2020

  It’s late March and I haven’t posted a blog here since mid December! WHAT? How can this be? Its…

Phoebewood Kitchen Christmas sale

Raw Wood Gifts from Santa’s Workshop

By Phoebe Dunbar | December 16, 2019

It’s almost Christmas and my carving shed is still a bit like a messy Santa Claus workshop! Sanding by hand…

Winter fish

Getting back into the Carving Shed

By Phoebe Dunbar | November 12, 2019

In spite of less time in the carving shed the last two months because of a family illness, I still…

PhoebeWood - Functional Burl Art by Phoebe Dunbar

The Return of the Salmon

By Phoebe Dunbar | September 27, 2019

September’s end is drawing near! With recent rain showers and the equinox earlier in the week more time is being…

A Fusion of Wood and Metal

A Fusion of Wood and Metal

By Phoebe Dunbar | July 23, 2019

In 2018, I started to work with Foggy Mountain Forge to create designs that combine forge art with wood art. I love…

"Reverence For Wood" Art Demo

“Reverence For Wood” Art Demo

By Phoebe Dunbar | July 18, 2019

I will be performing an artist demo at the Sooke Fine Arts Show! Save the date if you want to…

PhoebeWood Summer Update

PhoebeWood Summer Update

By Phoebe Dunbar | July 17, 2019

June was a busy month creating wood work for two galleries/gift shops and the wood work sale for the Sooke…

Sourcing Wood Locally

Sourcing Wood Locally

By Phoebe Dunbar | May 29, 2019

Sourcing wood This spring we have been salvaging felled Maple and Garry Oak over in Metchosin on private lands. Especially…

A Peek Behind the Carving Shed Door

A Peek Behind the Carving Shed Door

By Phoebe Dunbar | May 23, 2019

… what’s inside my actual carving shed?   I have taken some new photos that you might find interesting! Here’s…

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