Sourcing wood

This spring we have been salvaging felled Maple and Garry Oak over in Metchosin on private lands. Especially challenging was the cutting away of a Maple root ball to take home to season. Root balls are rich in colour and grain patterns from absorbing the nutrients, found in the soil in which they are buried. They are very hard and rare to find – so they are a prize indeed!

My wood turning friends bucked up old Maple with rich wood grain patterns and shape.


I also received a gift of some very old Red Plum which has been carved into three-dimensional flower holding pieces – these will be sold at the Secret Garden Tour art show, June 2nd.


Live edge: PhoebeWood gets trendy…

Some of us got an opportunity early in the spring to procure some fine local live edge lumber: Arbutus, Garry Oak, Yew and Maple. Bob and I built some special seasoning racks at the rear of one of my wood storage sheds. I already have a special order for 230 live edge cutting boards, some of which will be taken out to the forge for some fused wood and metal art pieces. This fall and coming winter I will try my hand at some live edge furniture with my husband Bob.