Sourcing and Seasoning the Carving Woods

by Phoebe Dunbar | February 22, 2021

An activity some of our local wood workers love to take part in: Recent fall clean ups and serious pruning of friends’ trees and shrubs AND several strong Sooke windstorms means…  carving woods are coming my way!

I can’t believe how much my wood inventory has grown in volume these past few months. So much so that I have taken over half of one of Bob’s favourite firewood sheds to let wood air dry slowly out of the weather and sun over the next few years. Some of it has been sealed with a wood sealer to prevent checking. Anchor Seal. The rest is being stashed in amongst other seasoned wood… in an area enclosed within the boundaries of the carving shed. It’s all within reach and serves as a very inviting initiative to carve when I enter my most favourite creative space – the carving shed.

I have Hawthorne, maple, red plum, cherry plum, yew, red and yellow cedar, arbutus, diamond willow, Garry oak, birds eye fir (sometimes its pitchy), red current, apple from the old Phillips farm, black walnut, and acacia.

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