Showcasing, Gifting and Selling my Wood Art

by Phoebe Dunbar | February 15, 2021

It’s been some time, so here’s an update featuring many of the items I’ve created over the winter.

During the fall, I managed to carve and finish at least 25 diamond willow walking sticks and staffs for friends and a few customers. In Sooke this past year I have had some functional pieces sold at the South Shore Gallery, the Barking Dog studio, and the new Sooke Arts Council’s gallery. With Covid restrictions I was not able to sell some of my woodwork this past year out at the gift shop at STOKED pizzeria.

Foggy Mountain Forge out at Shirley has been collaborating with me – fusing wood with forge art, customizing some of my carvings. Handsome cutting boards with handles and other features, and bowls nestled in seaweed and other imaginative 3-dimensional pieces. Here are some birds with forged beaks, and I also made some salmon whales, Diamond Willow walking sticks and coat hanger boards.

From my home studio I continue to sell and create interesting commissions. A series of red cedar wavy grain bowls and dishes.

One-of-a-kind hand carved house and address signs funky font.

Cedar grainy bowls – Aug 2020 #211, or 212

I have also finished carving a piece of Jack Homer’s twisted 60 yr. old plus red plum tree that was cut down in 2018 to make way for the new Westwind cohousing project. This carved piece will soon be gifted to Westwind for their opening… a piece of history from the Jack Homer property before the Hammer family owned it.

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