Seeking the Comfort of the Creative Zone this Fall

by Phoebe Dunbar | September 6, 2021

It’s now September! It has been a very strange time-out for me since last March. With a serious knee injury, and long wait for a surgery date I finally get the knee “fixed up” this week and with a good healthy rehab coming up, I hope to be back in the carving shed by mid-October.

During the summer, I did manage to get to the carving shed a few times! When the rains return to the west coast, that is when one seeks the comfort of the creative zone inside the carving shed… to be inspired and be creative… that is the plan.

In the meantime, I have a few pieces down at the Sooke Arts Council Art gallery on Church Road here in Sooke until October 3rd: 3D pieces and several functional “culinary” pieces for the kitchen – small to medium yellow and red cedar platters and bowls.

And for those who like birds and owls there is a piece at the gallery entitled 3 OWLS RESTING and more carved birds up in my studio, at home.

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