I will be performing an artist demo at the Sooke Fine Arts Show! Save the date if you want to come and see it…

Reverence For Wood  – Saturday, August 3rd,  1:30 pm

Join Sooke resident and wood artist, Phoebe Dunbar for a lively and informative conversation focusing on the reverence for wood. Become inspired!  Sourcing local woods, storage and seasoning the found wood, creating a carving shed or studio and choosing the right tools for free form functional and decorative wood carvings. She will share the creative process of creating a finished piece. How the wood – its species, size, shape, grain, grain patterns, flaws, character will define what will evolve -a bowl, a platter, an owl, or an abstract 3-dimensional piece. On display will be unfinished and finished pieces, the power tools she uses and stories how Phoebe became a self taught wood carver. For over 20 years Phoebe’s enthusiasm and love of working with wood has influenced many. Wood and its raw or transformed beauty resonates with people all over the world.



"Reverence For Wood" Art Demo