It’s almost Christmas and my carving shed is still a bit like a messy Santa Claus workshop! Sanding by hand or with hand power tools, using 40 grit up to 320 can get a bit tedious, so where are the elves?


Buy local

I was at one of the Sooke craft shows…

… with a number of other artisans in late November. Sales are a bit slow, but what is of value for me is to be with others and engage in conversations with our Sooke citizens – so many anecdotes & stories of other wood workers, what someone’s dad used to carve, what the family discovered in their father’s ol’ wood shed. Awesome offers coming to me out of the blue – would I like a fine piece of black walnut, red plum, diamond willow or birdseye yellow cedar, maybe some special decorative hollow yew wood stumps from the woods out west of Sooke. YES.

Always a good thing to be a few seasons or years ahead of the gifted and locally sourced wood supply.

Tomorrow I am down at the Little Vienna Bakery in Sooke to sell some fun simple kitchen wares – choucrouteries, all kinds of wooden spoons and lifters and a few smaller dishes. I’ll be there from 10:30 to 2 pm. My studio at home is where I have a number of unique bowls and sculptures for sales… to visit my studio one just needs to call to arrange a time. You can call me or email me.


Phoebewood Kitchen Christmas sale!

Sooke’s Vienna Bakery, Tuesday December 17th from 10:30 to 2:00. Unique, hand-carved gifts: wooden spoons, yellow cedar, yew, maple, Garry oak, arbutus. Ranging from $10 to $20… or you chose spoons to package up in a Pat Tomkins pottery mug for $35 to $40. For your very own yew wood choucrouterie board (for serving appetizers), I have those too… $15 to $20. For hand-crafted free form dishes and bowls call me for a visit to my home studio – I have sculptures, hand carved cedar fish, and handsome bowls and dishes.

Hope to see you for a coffee on Tuesday!