INTERVIEW: Sheryl MacKay (NxNW, CBC)

by Phoebe Dunbar | January 17, 2019

INTERVIEW: Sheryl MacKay (NxNW, CBC)

In December, CBC’s Sheryl MacKay came to visit my carving shed and did a short interview for her CBC radio show NxNW. She came to Sooke to interview a few of us who were featured in the book. She was fun and pleasant to meet. The interview aired on January 12! I listened to it with the sun coming up at 7:30 am on our knoll, me in the truck with the dog, doors open listening to CBC  – it was glorious. With the doors open I got all 4 speakers  resonating.

And the whole show has been uploaded to the CBC website!

If you’d like to listen,

  • Click on the image below to get to the NxNW website
  • If you like, fast-forward to 01:20:45, about halfway into the show! It aired just after the 7:30 news.
  • The segment is about 10 minutes long and it’s lively!


INTERVIEW: Sheryl MacKay (NxNW, CBC)

I loved the experience, I think you can tell! It all just flowed so naturally. Sheryl did a marvelous job. I want to thank her for coming to Sooke capturing the moment. It was delightful.

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