Visit my Studio & Carving Shed in Sooke

People like to purchase or commission my wood art after a visit to my studio or carving shed. My studio in Sooke, BC, is accessible and easy to reach. Visits can be arranged by appointment. 

I always make time to greet interested customers and engage one in a dialogue so I can be more aware of what it is you want. I encourage customers to pick the wood species, shape, size, colour and special features – e.g. birdseye or wood grain patterns. This involvement is most rewarding to a potential customer. It’s not often when one purchases a piece of art that engagement means you can actually select the material and be a part of the decision what will work best for a desired function.

Please note: during COVID19...

... visits to the carving shed are still possible, as long as we keep our 6 feet physical distance.

Interested? Contact me by phone or email.

PhoebeWood - Functional Burl Art by Phoebe Dunbar
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