Christmas Craft Fair Season

by Phoebe Dunbar | November 26, 2018

Its been a busy, rewarding November. The Heritage House-sponsored book launch events went very well… so enjoyed by our woodworkers, many friends and the public in Sooke and Victoria. The library over on Saltspring Island hosted an event as well. Another book event is being planned with the South Island Woodworkers Guild at Lee Valley in Colwood on February 12th, 2019.

Meanwhile, Out of the WOODs has been on BC’s bestsellers book list for the last four weeks! Last week it was #5 – with sales increasing each week for the Christmas trade, we likely will advance up the list a few more notches!


On November 24th, I participated in a busy craft show in Sooke full of artisans, artists and an eclectic collection of “crafters”! Pirjo and I sold more Out of the WOODS books, Roth and Ramberg calendars and of course PhoebeWood pieces – dishes, platters, bowls, fish and owls.

Thanking Daphne, Judy and Bob for their most pleasant assistance in setup, sales, take down and being there for me!


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