Sourcing and Seasoning the Carving Woods

finding wood to take home

An activity some of our local wood workers love to take part in: Recent fall clean ups and serious pruning of friends’ trees and shrubs AND several strong Sooke windstorms means…  carving woods are coming my way! I can’t believe how much my wood inventory has grown in volume these past few months. So much…

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Showcasing, Gifting and Selling my Wood Art

birds with forged beaks

It’s been some time, so here’s an update featuring many of the items I’ve created over the winter. During the fall, I managed to carve and finish at least 25 diamond willow walking sticks and staffs for friends and a few customers. In Sooke this past year I have had some functional pieces sold at…

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Unfinished Wood Art

unfinished wood bowls

I love to photograph recently-sanded but not-yet-oiled bowls on my carving bench.  They cast a different type of patina, texture and resonate a different soft-focus light.   This February, my carving bench and surrounding work benches have a number of unfinished pieces on the go. It’s so inspiring what is possible to finish down there…

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Diamonds in the Rough

diamond willow walking sticks out for a walk

Prelude When I first started to carve around 2005 and 2006, undergoing some timeout from knee replacements, I carved in a big tent-like structure we bought 2nd hand over in East Sooke. We set it up opposite Bob’s workshop on our Henlyn property.  In 2008, a carving shed and a wood storage shed were built…

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Walking Sticks

Diamond Willow walking sticks

Diamond willow walking sticks! They come from the Lake Nipegon area, harvested this past winter in Ontario by “Gus” trekking into some frozen beaver habitat wetlands, on snow shoes, into the wilderness, followed by wolves, 20 below. Later shipped to Sooke via Canada Post! This strong hardy willow has diamond shaped patterns rich in colour.…

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Walking Sticks & House Signs

Phoebewood walking sticks, red cedar bowl and house signs

Its still Covid time out here on the west coast. This means times are still slow for Phoebewood this summer. My normal sale outlets – gift shops and special market events – are not open this summer… nor are there many tourists visiting the Sooke area. For those who do get here, or are residents…

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A garden of spoons

Spoons, stir sticks, spatulas… they come in all sizes and shapes! Made from arbutus, yellow cedar, maple or yew.    

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