Where The Magic Happens (PhoebeWood)

The Magic of the Carving Shed

Becoming an artist, that was my quest 10 years ago.  Building the carving shed was the first step… for me to “become” a wood artist.  The magic of having a place one could call one’s  own. To help build and design the shed. To fill it full of raw materials, hand tools, a  locally made big bench sander, air compressor,  carving bench, vices.  I loved building the shelves, finding castaway  woodwork benches by the side of the road in Sooke marked FREE. I loved figuring out how the space would work. Homemade doors, gathered poles from the bush, the 2nd hand windows, the old fishboat port holes to install  to bring more air in… Not only is the shed magical, but so is its site where we located it – tucked in between rocks on our property, mossy covered rocks, with pine and arbutus trees nearby. Deer and bear pass by. Eagles fly overhead. Great-horned owls perch in the trees. The smell of cedar permeates all that I see and breathe.

The shed is built across the way from a weathered wooden workshop where I have a studio to display and exhibit the finished pieces. I walk down to the shed  from the house full of anticipation – what will I work on today.

The Carving Shed

Would you like to see the process of a piece being carved, from start to finish?