Welcoming Winter 2018 (PhoebeWood)

It’s time to spend more hours down in the shed, and see what will evolve this next season that will be new and different!

Over Christmas, I was given some big pieces of very spalted maple that had been felled 4 to 5 years ago. Throughout January, these pieces evolved and transformed… from something that looks not so good, punky, to a carved wooden bowl or dish that now looks  ever so handsome.

Spalted Maple


From the raw wood, after sculpting, sanding, oiling  – here’s a finished Spalted Maple Shell Bowl, ready for display. If you’re interested in the progress, have a look at From Start to Finish: Spalted Maple Shell Bowls!

Spalted Maple Shell Bowl


Two out of the three bowls will be submitted to the upcoming art2art show, put on by the Sooke Fine Arts Society!

On New Years Day, I  installed a new bench sander. A nice, quiet day to carve a few things “small” – cleats, wooden wall arbutus  coat hangers – and use the new bench sander and start a wee beach weathered redwood fish for someone special.

Bench Sander

Beach-Wheathered Redwood Fish


When up snowshoeing the other day in the hills we came across a fine looking “root” at the edge of a tea bog. We went back the next day with the chain saw and brought it home. However it was too heavy for 2 of us to hoist into the truck, luckily some hikers passed by within minutes and lent a helping hand. We got the piece home to dry out for next summer’s “lets make something” time.

New Root

New Root