Summer in the Carving Shed (PhoebeWood)

It’s been a wonderful sunny summer here in Sooke, with lots of outdoor activities, family visits, and gardening to keep us busy.

Between all the different events from Earth Day celebrations in April to the Sooke Philharmonics Garden Tour in June, I have sold or donated a lot of wood art! I haven’t even taken part in the Sooke Night Market, as I am simply out of art to display and sell.


Swimming Fish Plates


The next few months will see me once again busy down in the sawdust, enjoying the creation of a number of handcrafted wood art pieces, as I will be working to build up an inventory again for the fall craft shows. Here’s some pictures of me sourcing driftwood at a local beach.


Sourcing Driftwood


This summer, some of my woodwork has been exhibited and sold out at STOKES pizzeria, French Beach. Other 3-dimensional pieces (Evolution and A Sheltered Heart) have been displayed as public art at our local family medical clinic here in Sooke.


Touch Me!


As well, visitors are always welcome to come by and see what is displayed in my studio and carving shed, for purchase or commission.


Boards & Spoons