Spring Carvings (Bowls)

It’s early June, and I have not spent much time in the carving shed since mid-April as I injured my shoulder. BUT . . . I am back!  The time way from my carving shed I enjoyed getting our summer garden in, hiking  and bicycling.

Spring Carvings

On Sunday June 3rd I will be with  other Sooke artisans exhibiting some of my spring carvings (image above) along with fellow potters. After this sale I will be taking my carvings for the summer out to the STOKED pizzeria, West Coast rd., just before French Beach. Come visit!

I took part in Sooke’s excellent  Earth day celebration April 22 and was a proud exhibitor and vendor showing off how carved dead wood can LIVE again.

Since then I have finished 2 more sculptures – for submission to the up coming juried Sooke Fine Arts Show. As well I have been selling some of my functional pieces to visitors who drop by the studio.

It’s always pleasing to see visitors who love my work and take something special home with them!

This bowl now lives in Oak Bay.