Western Yew Wood Hollow Stump


Size: 12″ x 12″
Height: 15″
Glass top: additional $100

Western Yew Wood hollow stump  – decorative stand alone or glass top yew table

Rich coloured yew wood, sanded to show the contrast of its sap wood and heart wood. Beautiful to touch.  Yew wood stumps can be used for a number of purposes – floral or holiday decorations,  small tables, and/or end tables. This yew wood was salvaged near Jordan River, west coast, Vancouver Island. It is from felled yew trees, several hundred years old.  The yew trees were left behind once its bark and needles were harvested to produce the cancer drug, Taxol.  Yew wood is known for its healing properties and its strength. Our west coast indigenous peoples used yew for paddles, vessels, weapons and tools.