Start to Finish: Spalted Maple Shell Bowls (Bowls)

Follow a piece of raw wood: through sculpting, sanding, and oiling, becoming a beautiful display piece . . .

Over Christmas, I was given some big pieces of very spalted maple that had been felled 4 to 5 years ago. I will post throughout January how these pieces evolve and transform… from something that looks not so good, punky, to a carved wooden bowl or dish that now looks  ever so handsome. Maple wood has many patterned features to its grain and tends to age very well with all its “spaltedness”. Sometimes these patterns resemble aerial photographs with their contours and landscapes. These bowls will be shell bowls.

Spalted Maple

Spalted Maple


Here you can see what will be the bottom of a shell bowl.

Bottom of Shell Bowl to be


Wait till you see these pieces get their final sanding and finishing completed with oil and beeswax…

Spalted Maple Shell Bowls


And here’s a finished Spalted Maple Shell Bowl: sanded, oiled, and ready for display.

Spalted Maple Shell Bowl