Early Spring Has Arrived (PhoebeWood)

Early Spring is here . . . the daffodils are popping up under the snow.

January and February in the shed – the rainy weather, and a few flakes of snow this past week made it all easy to be down there.

Wood Carving Shed in the Snow

In February, I invited two friends to come join me. I told them to wear old clothes, bring gloves and a mask. An afternoon where I served them tea and crumpets, warmed up over an open wood fire! Got them into some sawdust and wood chips. I am teaching them how to chose interesting wood shapes – to create something using simple hand tools.  I also helped support the Victoria Orchid Society by lending them a car trunk full of salvaged wood – all interesting shapes and sizes for their show coming up early in March. I gifted some of my works to local charities, to help them fund raise for causes we all believe in.

Helping my friends learn woo carving

Helping my friends learn woo carving

Other than carving more vessels – I leave time to place raw wood onto the carving bench, study it, visualize what might it become.  Here are 2 unfinished pieces I am currently working on -submissions for upcoming Fine Art Shows, 2018.  I am also working on building my inventory for summer and fall craft shows, including a PhoebeWwood sale at the Sooke Philharmonic Garden tour, early June in Sooke.

I am also working on two new sculptures –  I especially like the yellow cedar piece entitled A Sylvan Womb.

 Sylvan Womb - unfinished Dog with Rabbit - Unfinished

More trips to the hills  – truck box, weathered wood, tracking… In February, we got up to snow shoe, picnic and source more raw weathered wood for next summer carving. We tracked two bears and a cougar on that day!


Having Fun in Winter Having Fun in Winter Having Fun in Winter